Ridng Lessons In Oakdale, CT
Horse Boarding In SE, CT
Horse Boarding in Oakdale, CT
1) There are several places to take riding lessons in Southeastern, CT.   Why should I consider Laurel Ledge Farm:

          Laurel Ledge Farm is a great choice for most adults, but not all barns are a good fit for every rider.  If you are under 18, have never
          ridden before or want to "show" (participate in horse shows) then a different facility may be better able to meet your needs (Thank
          you for considering us!).   

          Our students tell us that they choose Laurel Ledge Farm for three main reasons:                 

             A)  Reputation and a proven track record of successfully bringing out the best in students.
             B)  A fun, supportive and productive learning environment catering exclusively to adults.
             C)  The amenities offered (indoor arena, outdoor arena, riding fields, trails, etc.) enhance their learning experience.

2) Do you have any available horse boarding stalls at Laurel Ledge Farm near Montville, CT and how much are they?
Natural horse boarding is available on a limited basis to students enrolled in our lesson program. Unlimited hay in slow feeders and quality grain twice daily are included.  Paddocks are large and all have a run-in shed.  We find that our horses benefit physically and psychologically from 24 / 7 turnout.  Our lesson horses and privately owned horses are calm, content and happy. ($600/month plus lesson package)
3) Why don't you accept children into your riding lesson program at Laurel Ledge Farm in New London County?
The success of any riding program revolves around the suitability of the lesson horses.  Our lesson horses and saddles are an appropriate size for all levels of adult riders.   We do not have any horses, ponies or saddles small enough for children.

4) How much do horseback riding lessons cost at Laurel Ledge Farm located near Montville, CT?

           Unlike a typical program where lessons are 30-45 minutes, we typically ride 60-75 minutes so students can absorb and practice the skills they
           are learning.   Click here for pricing information.
5) What is your cancellation policy at Laurel Ledge Farm in Southeastern CT:
When you book a horseback riding lesson that is a commitment both for you and Laurel Ledge Farm.  A horse has been reserved for you at that time. Therefore, the horse is yours and others are turned down or rescheduled to a less convenient time for them.  To be fair to all our students and horses, our cancellation policy is:
24 hours notice is required for any cancellations or changes made to a weekday lesson or ride. You will be charged the full rate without this notice.
For Saturday and Sunday lessons or rides, changes or cancellations MUST be made by noon on the preceding Wednesday or you will be charged the full price for the lesson.

6) Do you have trails at Laurel Ledge Farm?

Yes, we have a wonderful trail system for the use of students regularly taking lessons.  Different trail riding options are available depending on the skill level of the student and instructor approval.  We have thousands of acres adjacent to the farm and you can ride for hours without repeating yourself.  If you prefer to stay closer, there are many trails surrounding the barn.  For additional trail ride information, click here.  

 7) Is Laurel Ledge Farm open in the winter?

Yes.  We have an indoor arena with an overhead sprinkler system for dust free riding year round.  Our comfortable lounge, bathroom and tack rooms are warm and cozy.  As long as you dress appropriately in layers to peel off, you will be pleasantly surprised how comfortable winter riding can be.

8)  How do I get started taking riding lessons at Laurel Ledge Farm near Montville, CT?
Most students find that scheduling a riding lesson is the most beneficial way for them to experience and evaluate our lesson program .  Or, maybe you need more information.  In either case, give us a call and leave a message so we can return your call.  We will answer all your questions and then schedule your horseback riding lesson when you are ready to get started.

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