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Riding Lessons For Adults, Oakdale, CT
“My riding and social experiences at Laurel Ledge Farm, near Montville, CT are unlike any equestrian facility I have been to. Michelle is a higher caliber than other instructors I have had because of her enthusiasm, expertise, approach, and last but not least, humor. I am thankful for the horses here because each is sound, friendly, and well trained which has allowed me to focus on my continual improvement as a rider. Laurel Ledge Farm's horses are in fact the friendliest horses I have met and I attribute that to their life on the farm as horses; each enjoys their job, is frequently trail ridden and spends the entirety of their day outside. I would recommend this facility to any experienced rider looking to build or solidify their fundamental skills and form, but also to have a lot of fun enjoying equestrian sports.”
-Margaret B.
“A very relaxing, social barn. The horses have great temperaments and are very well trained and experienced. Michelle is a very attentive instructor who makes lessons entertaining as well as informative. I’ve learned and improved so much in my time at Laurel Ledge Farm.”
-Mendy M.
“Laurel Ledge Farm near Montville, CT is awesome! The property is beautiful and the barn is run in a very environmentally friendly, green manner – a nice change from some “high-tech” places I’ve been to. The horses are lovely, well-cared for and seem so relaxed! The indoor arena makes lessons a joy in any season and the miles of trails we take afterward take my breath away. A very nice experience!  Horses are great, lessons are challenging and fun!  Most satisfying to me is how much I have grown as a rider".
-Morgan B.
“Laurel Ledge Farm in Oakdale, CT is a terrific place for anyone wanting to return to their love for horses. After a long absence (40 yrs. to be exact!), I decided to start taking lessons two years ago. It has been a very positive and nurturing place to help get over the anxiety of getting on a horse again. Michelle makes the lessons fun and adapts her teaching to match my learning style. As an added bonus, dogs are also welcome to come with you to the lessons. Lily knows when I am heading for a lesson and waits by the door so I won’t forget to include her. The facilities are top notch. The trails on the farm provide a nice change after riding in the ring during lessons. All the other riders are friendly, helpful and most welcoming to a new rider. I am very pleased and excited about the amount of progress I have made.  You won’t find a better place to ride in SE CT.”. 
-Susan O.
Laurel Ledge Farm in New London County, CT is an awesome place to ride both indoor and out. I have also ridden on trails throughout the country and I would place the various riding trails at LLF on my Top 5 places to ride in the US.”
- Mark H
“As a younger “older” rider who hadn’t ridden in many years, I liked the idea of an “adult” barn that did not have an emphasis on showing. I had shied away from English riding most of my life because of the stuffiness and competitiveness I had experienced as a young rider. This barn is amazing! No fashion/show pressure, just people that LOVE horses and horseback riding and I can even bring my dogs – they love it! Such a pleasant atmosphere to ride and really enjoy learning with others who are on the same page as me.”
-Sonya B.
“Laurel Ledge Farm is doing a great job with managing their barefoot horses successfully thru natural trims, movement and simple diet. I appreciate their commitment to natural hoof care and look forward to continued teamwork.”
-Rod Cone (Laurel Ledge Farm Farrier)
 Natural Hoof Care Practitioner
“I barn –hopped for about a year before finding Oakdale’s “best kept secret”! I wanted something laid back, had to have trails and sound horses that could carry a good-sized man! The lesson program is second to none, I learned by leaps and bounds. – I tried my hand at their cross country field and found it quite inspiring! Snow lessons, swimming lessons…how could anyone ask for more of a variety? – Best Kept Secret is an understatement!”
-Dave B
“I am proud to say I was one of the first students when Laurel Ledge Farm in Oakdale, CT was established and the first person to show under the Laurel Ledge Farm name!  Along the way I have met great people and great horses. I continue to ride because I always learn something, I enjoy the company of the other students, instructor and staff. I interact with not only the horse I am riding but all the others as well. The horses are well taken care of and have a lifetime home. It is a good place to be.”
-Sue P
“I finally found my dream barn!  Many of us interested in natural horsemanship as a tool to better communicate with our horses have a hard time finding a barn where the horse comes first and natural horsemanship is understood.  My horse and I have been here for over five years now and I couldn’t be happier.  My riding skills have improved dramatically and my horse is calm, relaxed and visibly more content than he has ever been.  The farm is beautiful, there are miles of trails and a great group of students. Owner/Instructor, Michelle is very knowledgeable, a good communicator and supportive teacher.  Through the lesson program, I am becoming the rider I want to be.  I would highly recommend Laurel Ledge Farm in Oakdale, CT to adult riders who love horses and wants a more relaxed, non-horse show, quality learning experience."
- Cathy T.
“I am thrilled to be a part of Laurel Ledge Farm in New London County!!  I am now 25 years old and within the last month or so have chosen to get back into horseback riding.  When I was younger I took lessons at Laurel Ledge and the results were fantastic.  Even as a younger child, I was always comfortable asking questions and experimenting with my skills. The guidance and support given by the instructors at Laurel Ledge is unlike any other farm that I have been to.  Lessons are filled with positivity and encouragement.  Ever since recently getting back into lessons, I have learned so much.
At Laurel Ledge there is no pressure to be "better than" or to compete, with anyone else.  Michelle does a fantastic job making your lesson about you and what you need to learn. There is a range of people of all different ages.  Everyone is welcomed and accepted, without any pressure or judgment.  Laurel Ledge is a place where I feel that not only every person is appreciated, but all of the horses and dogs :) are appreciated too.
For anyone looking to get back into horseback riding, Laurel Ledge Farm is the place to go.  I give my highest recommendation and I am very happy to be a part of such a great farm, with such great people.”
-Alycia D
I felt so fortunate to have found an instructor like Michelle and her farm, Laurel Ledge in Oakdale, to return to my childhood love of riding horses.  When I first arrived, I was welcomed by all the members of the barn.  I instantly felt at home and knew it was the place for me to hone my skills and further develop my equestrian knowledge.  In its picturesque setting, Laurel Ledge provides a quiet refuge to get away and spend time with all the horses.  So much so, that they almost feel just like your very own!  Michelle has a true gift for instructing and gives riders realistic goals to work towards.  Her ‘pearls of wisdom’ have taught me something new every time. I am thrilled with the progress I have made and can’t imagine riding anywhere else.  It’s like a second home.”
-Corrine W.
“Hi! I’m Dash, the overly energetic boxer mix. As long as I am on my best behavior, I get to come to the farm with my mom too!  I get so excited on our barn days that I sit by the car door and howl!  Playing and going on trail rides with horses and my ‘barn buddies’ Thea and Diesel are one of my favorite things to do.  I also like to help Ms. Michelle with her wood stove and check in with her after lessons for an ear scratch.  If I ever ran away from home, my mommy and daddy could find me here. I love it!!”
-Dash The Wonder Dog
"Michelle has been invaluable to me, a male intermediate rider "wanna be" who is overly ambitious about his capabilities. She is quick to redirect my focus when I lose it. She does all of this without being militaristic which is great for me as my end game is leisure. Don’t be mistaken though if you want her to put the boots on she will do it and you may or may not regret that but you will get results."
-Cesar O.
"Laurel Ledge Farm in Southeastern CT takes superior care of their horses' well being. From facilities to feeding methods to pasturing, training, and trail riding, their values put the horse first and are best-practices regarding horse health and well-being. That's why I selected Laurel Ledge when I was looking for a new home for my horse. I am a trainer on hiatus due to pregnancy and was looking for a new home and job for my #1 lesson horse. Laurel Ledge was my #1choice, and was naturally the perfect match. I already had a relationship to the farm through friends who are riding students there. Through previous visits to the farm and getting to know Owner / Head Trainer Michelle, I was familiar with all the opportunities Laurel Ledge has to offer. I also have continuously heard positive things about Laurel Ledge, which gave me the confidence that my horse would be cared for equally as well as I've cared for him. Thank you Michelle and Laurel Ledge Farm! I look forward to their beautiful indoor arena, cross-country obstacles and endless trails at my next visit.

So happy that Sullivan is doing well. We miss him, but I am SO RELIEVED he is at your farm with other horses and getting the attention he deserves!  Thank you.”
-Melissa M. Miko
 Horse Trainer
"I love going to Laurel Ledge Farm in New London County, CT. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, you're introduced to everyone there. I'm able to bring my dog and she loves it there too. Lessons with Michelle are amazing – she is the best instructor I've ever had. She is clear, concise and gives you many visuals and examples to help you learn. The entire experience is wonderful!"
-Amy T.
“Laurel Ledge Farm, near Montville, CT was my home away from home during college and I still hold it very fondly in my heart. Luckily for me, my family has a house in the area and I try to visit when I can to see the horses and the wonderful people who were like family to me while I was at Connecticut College and riding on the equestrian team. The people at LLF really love to have fun, care about each other, and really love the horses. And the horses are hands-down some of the best I’ve ever had the opportunity to learn on; very patient and kind and talented enough to do challenging exercises. Plus, there are tons of trails and a really nice indoor. What could honestly be better?”
-Jen L.
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